Allegory Collection: Coral

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The Allegory Collection is a series of stone settings created using the lost-wax casting technique. I first began this series while healing from my second surgery for Endometriosis. My focus at the time was on healing and wellness, to recognize the beauty and meaning hidden within the process of experiencing pain in order to be free from it.  I personally hand-select each stone for this series, which are hand-cut by Canadian stonecutters, and hand-carve its stone setting in wax to uniquely embrace each unique stone. Each stone possesses unique qualities. 

Red Sponge Coral is a type of coral from the South China Sea, Indonesia, and Taiwan. It is not an endangered species and so it is commonly used in jewellery. Some believe that it is a good aid for meditation and visualization. It symbolizes life and blood force energy. Some use it as an aid for depression, lethargy, or deficient nutrition. This type of stone is believed to encourages acceptance of the cycle of life without judgement and can help make the connection between emotional states and ego. 
  • 18" two-tone sterling silver chain