Artist Statement

My rough-yet-refined and weatherworn style is intended to reflect the beauty created by natural phenomena of the earth such as meteorological, geological, and biological processes. In abstracted and simplified forms, I recreate textures created by mother nature through processes such as erosion, decay, and oxidation. 

I feel a connection to this aesthetic because it visually represents a metaphorical beauty that is the act of withstanding harsh elements by virtue of perseverance, resilience, and integrity. The ways that nature, both physical and human, endure and persevere through extreme conditions and unfavourable circumstances inspires.

This philosophy provides personal comfort as I adapt to uncontrollable forces within my own life. I am continually learning, growing, and trying to find meaning and purpose as I adapt to and cope with challenges related to chronic and acute health issues (Endometriosis, ADHD, chronic migraines, a rare inner ear condition called Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence Syndrome and rare skull base defect with brain dural herniation into my middle ear which I had surgically repaired in March 2019)

My creative process is expressive, intuitive, and meditative. Personally, navigating multiple health issues has felt senseless and chaotic at times. My artistic practice plays a significant role in processing these experiences and provides an empowering voice and medium through which I am able to find meaning and beauty.

I push the limits of my materials by carefully over-exposing them to extreme elements such as heat, pressure, and oxidation by using tools such as my torch, hammers, rolling mill, and patinas. I embrace the somewhat unpredictable outcomes and mindfully adapt my perspective in order to find the beauty in the imperfections of the outcomes. I embrace the resulting textures, forms, and elements and design from them. This is a process of finding calm within the chaos.
My hope is that those who connect with my work, who recognize that not everything has to be "perfect" or as we think it ought to be, are reminded of how resilient and strong they are as they too persevere the beautifully chaotic cycles of life. 

 -Kate White