Artist Statement

I strive to balance bold organic weatherworn surface embellishments harmoniously with or within delicate minimalist designs.

My rough-yet-refined style reflects the beauty created by natural phenomena of the earth such as meteorological, geological, chemical, and biological processes. I try to reflect the beautiful effects created in nature--such as weather, erosion, tidal flow, decay, rusting, and pressure--in a simplified form.

I feel connected to this aesthetic because it visually represents a metaphorical beauty that is the act of withstanding harsh elements by virtue of perseverance, resilience, and integrity. The ways that nature, both physical and human, endure and thrive under extreme conditions and unfavourable circumstances inspires me.

This philosophy provides me comfort as I adapt to uncontrollable forces within my own life. I am continually learning, growing, and trying to find meaning and purpose to my life as I learn how to adapt to and cope with chronic health issues due to endometriosis, ADHD, chronic migraines, and a rare inner ear condition called Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence Syndrome. 

My creative process is expressive, intuitive, and meditative. Dealing with the effects of these conditions, all which can be managed but not cured, sometimes makes me feel helpless to the chaos. My artistic practice plays a significant role in processing my experiences and provides me with an empowering voice and medium through which I can find meaning and beauty in the adverse conditions and events in life which are difficult to make sense of. 

I push the limits of my materials by carefully over-exposing them to extreme elements such as heat, pressure, and oxidation by using tools such as my torch, hammers, rolling mill, and patinas. I embrace the somewhat unpredictable outcomes and mindfully adapt my perspective in order to find the beauty in the imperfections of the outcomes. I embrace the resulting textures, forms, and elements and design from them. This process helps me find a calm within the chaos within my own life. 

My hope is that those who connect with my work, who recognize that not everything has to be "perfect" or as we think it ought to be, are reminded of how resilient and strong they are as they too persevere the beautifully chaotic cycles of life. 

 -Kate White



AllegoryA series of stone settings, inspired during a personal pursuit of healing and wellness during recovery following surgery, created using the lost-wax casting technique. Each setting is hand-carved in wax to uniquely embrace each handpicked stone and then casted in sterling silver

AnchorageA series of unique kinetic "washboard" fidget pendants, originally created from a mold using 3D printing technology, and then altered and casted in sterling silver using the lost-wax casting method. This collection also includes hand-fabricated spinner/meditation rings

Ashore: A molten texture, resembling flux between a solid and liquid state, originally created by fusing molten brass to sterling silver


Maritime Bough: Originally hand-carved in wax and casted using lost-wax casting technique,  this collection is reminiscent of both land and sea. The surface embellishment is inspired by both the branches of a tree and the breaking waves created by the bow of a ship at sea


Resilient Edgeradiant edges created with a hammer, beauty created from the metal withstanding and adapting to destructive external pressures

Soaringdelicate patterns created using real bird feathers imprinted into the metal

The Narrows

Wood Gems